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Firecracker Maki

8 pieces per roll. Shrimp tempura rolled with cucumber topped with avocado, special tempura flakes mix, sriracha, eel sauce, scallion and sesame seeds.

Stir Fry

Choice of meat sautéed with fresh vegetables in our own delicious sauce served over rice or noodles.


A bed of rice topped with salad, peanut sauce and scallion sauce.

Lock Lack

Sautéed with ginger, onion, in our special sauce and light dressing over watercress. Served with rice.

Marinated Steak

Our specially marinated steak topped with scallion sauce. Served with vegetables and rice.

Marinated Chicken Tenders

Grilled chicken topped with sundried tomatoes & mango salsa. Served with rice & vegetables.

Special #1

Spring mix salad with berries and mango topped with pan seared shrimp and scallops over rice with peanut dressing and our special scallion sauce.

Loc Lac Special

Sautéed shrimp and chicken with mango, mushroom, ginger, onion in black pepper sauce over watercress. Served with side of rice.

Grilled Short Ribs

Marinated pork ribs over mix green salad with berries and mango topped with scallion sauce and sweet and sour dressing. Served with side of rice.

Sweet Chili Seafood

Sautéed seafood paste, ginger, onion, bell pepper, celery, string bean, banana pepper with shrimp, scallop and mussel. Served over brown or jasmine white rice.

Craving sushi? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving sushi? Order pickup or delivery now!
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